Genetic information can transform healthcare for all

Through personalised risk assessments and access to genetic expertise, GeneLinx guides individuals through their genetic journey so that every individual can make informed health decisions.


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Why GeneLinx?

GDPR compliant and secure storage of data

Guidelines-based recommendations

Support from our certified genetic experts

We offer greater insights into individuals' genetic information

This information is key to understanding if there is a risk for disease and how it is inherited. It is reviewed prior to the consultation by our experts.

The information provided is used to calculate and determine the risks of developing a condition or carrying a genetic change.

During a virtual visit, our genetic experts will discuss the basis of genetic disease, review personalised risks and answer any questions.

Based on the assessment, our experts will determine if a test is indicated and if so, suggest the most appropriate genetic testing options with clear clinical benefits.

If testing is requested, our experts will review the results, their importance and implications for the individual and their family members.

Based on the results and current guidelines, the next steps are discussed. A personalised management plan is shared with the individual to review with their physician.

Genetics care made easy

Step 1

Schedule appointment online and pay

Step 2

Complete questionnaire for risk assessment

Step 3

Attend online consultation with genetic expert

Step 4

Receive personalised plan with clear next steps

We offer support in the following areas


Individuals with a personal or family history of cancer can benefit immensely from genetic counselling as it can help guide management and understand their personal risks.


Individuals and couples considering a pregnancy can learn their specific risks of having a child with a genetic disease and the reproductive options available to them.


Individuals without a family history of disease, interested in preventive health, can also benefit from guidance on testing and mitigation of their disease risks.

Customised genetics care solutions

We partner with clinics, laboratories, pharma, insurances, employers, researchers and other organisations to support their unique genetic counselling needs.

"We envision a world where every individual has access to their genetic information and can use it to change their health for the better."

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