"We envision a world where every individual has access to their genetic information and can use it to change their health for the better."

After 15 years of working in the field of genetic diseases, Alekhya, a genetic counsellor, founded GeneLinx to educate individuals about the importance of genetic testing and using this information to make important life decisions. She was joined in her journey by Jordana, an experienced project manager and visual anthropologist passionate about improving patient experiences in healthcare. Together, they were selected by Vision Health Pioneers Incubator to build GeneLinx with support from the European Social Funds and the Berlin Senate.

The team

Alekhya Narravula

Founder and CEO

Alekhya is a genetic counsellor certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors (ABGC) and a registered genetic counselor of the European Board of Medical Genetics (EBMG). She has over a decade of experience in clinical, laboratory and industry roles in different countries including the USA, UK, India and Germany and has supported patients and physicians from around the world. She has a particular interest in expanding access to genetic testing, improving genomic literacy and improving genomic databases to include understudied populations. She serves as a Board Member of the EBMG’s Genetic Counselling branch helping further the profession in the EU. She is also active in the National Society of Genetic Counselors of USA and co-chairs a committee within the International Special Interest Group. 

Jordana Goldmann

Operations Manager

Jordana Goldmann is an experienced project manager and visual anthropologist with experience across multiple fields, industries and countries including China, the USA and Germany. Her time working in the health care sector as a filmmaker and researcher has formed her passion for lowering barriers to care, and her strong belief in personalized medicine. She has gained significant insight and knowledge in project & stakeholder management, having worked in multiple operational roles in the film, tourism and event industries. Her position at GeneLinx combines her diverse professional skills with her hope of enabling more patients to become advocates for their own health through personalized and informed care. Increasing access to genomic medicine is an essential step in that direction. 

Our mission is to remove the complexity in understanding genomic information and allowing individuals to take action based on this. We want to achieve this by providing education, access to experts and tools to guide and support individuals and physicians.

Supported by

The 2022-2023 program is funded by the European Union as part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Democratising individuals' access to personalised genetics healthcare

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