The future of healthcare lies in genetics - be ready for it

As genetics becomes an integral part of personalized care, health organizations need a robust genetics program to serve their patients.

GeneLinx can help with a customized genetics care solution to meet your specific needs.

Partner with us to offer genetic services that suit your needs


 Are you a healthcare organisation looking to introduce genetics into your practice or a clinic requiring additional support to reach more individuals and reduce your wait times? We can support you. 


Looking to identify and onboard individuals with genetic diseases for a clinical study or a therapy trial? We can educate, consent, onboard your patients and provide genetic counselling to patients being tested.


Are you a genetic testing laboratory interested in offering post-test genetic counselling for return of results to patients and other support services to improve patient experience? We are here to help you. 

Are you a different organisation interested in offering genetic services?
We can help!

Benefits of partnering with GeneLinx

Incorporate precision medicine

Keep up with advances in healthcare and provide access to genetic services

Reach more patients

Fast & reliable on-demand consults with our certfied genetic experts

Simplify workflow

Integrate our end-to-end solution quickly into your organisation

Improve patient experience

Individualized guidance, clear recommendations and next steps based on genetic information

Why GeneLinx?

GDPR compliant and secure storage of data

Guidelines-based recommendations

Support from our certified genetic experts

We guide your patients through their genetic journey

Discover the utility of genetic information

Appropriate genetics care can have immense benefits for your patients. 

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