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Frequently asked questions

Genetic counselling can help individuals understand how inherited genetic conditions might affect them and their families. It can also help one understand if and how genetic testing might be useful, what implications the results can have and how to make healthcare management decisons based on this information

Genetic counselling is provided by Master’s-trained and board-certified professionals called genetic counsellors and geneticists. However, depending on the country, it can also be offered by other appropriately trained genetic and non-genetic healthcare professionals. GeneLinx currently works with experienced genetic counsellors.

The genetic counsellors or other healthcare professionals first collect and assess personal and family health history. Using this information they then determine how likely it is that an individual or their family member has a genetic condition.
They explain the details of the genetic condition; discuss the benefits and risks of genetic testing and if it is appropriate and available for an individual. They also coordinate the testing and once results are available help individuals understand the implications for them and their relatives and offer support in obtaining the follow up care and management one may need.

Anyone can avail themselves of genetic counselling including healthy individuals. Here are the most common indications for which people attend a genetic counselling appointment.

• You or your family member has a suspected genetic condition and you are seeking a diagnosis.
• You have a family history of a known genetic condition and you are interested in understanding your risks for having the condition
• You are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy and are interested in knowing the risks of having a child with a genetic condition
• You are a healthy individual but are proactive about your genetic health and interested in knowing if you are at risk for developing one of the more common genetic diseases
• You are adopted and do not know your biological family’s health history. So you are interested in understanding your risks for a genetic condition
• You have had a genetic test performed through your physician or have had a Direct-to-consumer DNA test and you would like to discuss these results and understand their implications and next steps

GeneLinx’s services are currently available in the UK and the Republic of Ireland only.

We will soon be expanding our services to other countries as well. If you are located in a different region and are interested in our services please join our waitlist.
In some instances, depending on the country, we might still be able to provide services to you. So please fill out our waitlist form or contact us directly with your location and we will get back to you in case we are able to provide services in your location.

GeneLinx offers services in oncology, reproductive health and proactive health.

You can schedule an appointment with us if you:
• are affected or have a family history of cancer,
• are pregnant or considering a pregnancy and interested in your and your partner’s risk of being carriers and passing on a disease to your child,
• are healthy and have no family history but interested in knowing your risks for common genetic diseases and what you can do about them proactively
• are adopted and do not know your biological family health history and would like to know if you or your children might be at a genetic risk for certain conditions
• have had testing through direct to consumer genetic laboratories and would like help in understanding the results and what are the actionable next steps
• have a known genetic disease change in your family and are interested in learning your risks and testing yourself

We will slowly be adding other specialties such as Cardiology, Neurology and Rare diseases over time. So please check our website for updates or follow us on LinkedIn.

Yes! Depending on where you are located and how you booked GeneLinx’s services, this can be handled in different ways. In most cases our genetic counsellors can order testing if necessary and appropriate with your consent and GeneLinx can coordinate this for you.
In some cases, your referring physician or the partner organization who referred you to GeneLinx will order the testing themselves or GeneLinx will coordinate ordering the test on their behalf with them being the primary ordering provider and GeneLinx being the secondary ordering provider.
This will be discussed with you during the session if you decide to proceed with genetic testing. If you have questions about your specific situation, you can always send an inquiry to

No, you do not need a referral and can schedule and pay for an appointment directly on our website.

If you still have questions and are not quite ready to schedule and pay for an appointment please reach out to us at or use our contact form to request a call back so we can help you with any questions or concerns.

We are happy to receive referrals from physicians and other HCPs. They can direct patients to our website where patient can schedule an appointment at their convenience.

Alternatively, GeneLinx can also contract with clinics, HCPs, healthcare organisations, laboratories, Biopharma, Employee benefit programs, insurances, etc. to provide genetics consulting and counseling services to these organizations.

In such cases, the referral pathway will be agreed upon during the contracting process.
If you are interested in becoming our partner please fill out our partner form to indicate your interest and we will reach out to you or alternatively email us as

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at no charge up until 48 hours before your scheduled session. Cancellations can be done using the link in your confirmation email. No shows or cancellations <48 hours from the scheduled session will be charged in full. 
However, we understand that life happens so please write to us at to find an optimum solution.

To reschedule your appointment please email us at 
If your appointment is on a Monday, please ensure that you cancel or reschedule your appointment by Friday night. This way our genetic experts are aware that you will not be attending the call and can accommodate other individuals if needed during those appointment times. 

We recommend that you use the Chrome browser to join the call via the link provided.
We recommend that you test the  Video link and that your browser is compatible and to join the call 5 minutes before the scheduled time. 
If you plan on using an iPad or iPhone for your session, please download the Zoho Meeting App and test it prior to the session.
Our genetic experts will wait in the call for 5 minutes for you to join. If you are still not in the call, they will attempt to call you via the phone number provided during the booking process.
If after two attempts they are unable to reach you and if you have not joined the video session within 15 minutes, they will close the session and list it as no show. 

We are empowering individuals to make informed decisions based on their genetic information

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